‘At the end of the day, they are the future!’

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1 september 2018

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13 mei 2018

Beste minister Slob, nog even over dat burgerschapsonderwijs…


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Hi! My name is Raghda Saeed and I’m 31 years old. I studied business administration and graduated in 2012. When I grew up I lived in different countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Later in my life I lived in Turkey and now 

I’m here, in the Netherlands.


Just a percentage of democracy

In every country, I had really amazing experiences and met great people. I’ve appreciated having them in my life. But also, as life is, I found myself facing some difficulties, of which I know we all have them in our lives. But maybe some of us have different sorts of difficulties. 

All this moving from country to country and living some time under a dictatorship and sometime within a democracy or more specific, just a percentage of democracy, was an important cause of the difficulties showing up in my life.


The meaning of freedom

Although early in my life, when I was ten years old or later as a teenager, I didn’t really understand what “democracy” means as a word , but I did understand and question the meaning of the word “freedom”, a lot!


But year after year and as we keep growing up, there are things that we understand and things we maybe still don’t understand. We just find our way to keep moving without letting those things stand in our way.


Open up a discussion with boys and girls 

The reason why I chose to write here about this side of my life is the same reason that motivated me to be gladly part of the Dreamocracy team. It is that we are opening up a discussion with boys and girls in this important age about topics that are important and relevant in everybody’s daily life. It had a really great effect on my life when I was in the same age as they are now. Even later as I became an adult it still affected my life. But I didn’t really find an opportunity to speak about it with anyone outside of my family or my very close friends.


I believe that it’s important to open up a discussion about what is democracy and freedom, maybe there are answers and maybe not, but its always good to shake our heads sometimes and dare to ask questions.


For some of us, what we got for free in our life and what we call “normal”, is something other people had to made a very tough and long journey for in their life. Or maybe they still don’t have it. it’s a blessing that not everyone understands.


I hope that with this program we can help the students to understand or at least to be aware of what they have, just helping them to understand this subject a little bit better. Or as we hope, make a change together in this world. Who knows! At the end of the day, they are the future!


1 juli 2018

Gezonde democratie bestaat niet vanzelf


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